Hourly charge rate:

Any session can utilise a combination of Swedish massage and deep tissue massage techniques. This can be tailored to meet the needs and preferences of the individual client.

£30 for a 40 minute session

£40 for a 1 hour session

£50 for a 90 minute session

Swedish Massage Packages:    

Swedish massage is used for stress relief, relaxation, release of muscle tension, increased circulation, increased well-being, and other benefits of Swedish massage.

Full body massage  |  90 minutes, £50

Includes back, neck, arms, hands, legs, feet and abdominals (optional)

Upper body massage  |  40 minutes, £30

Includes upper back, lower back, neck, arms and hands

Deep Tissue Massage Packages:    

Deep tissue massage is generally used for correcting an area of muscular pain or dysfunction by releasing tension deep in your muscles. The technique uses slow, firm strokes, and often has an emphasis on trigger points. Deep tissue massage does not have to be painful. Deep tissue massage requires more time then Swedish massage, so it is generally not possible to do a fully body massage in one session.

Upper body massage  |  60 minutes, £40 | 90 minutes, £50

Includes upper back, neck, shoulders and arms

Lower body massage  |60 minutes, £40 | 90 minutes, £50

Includes lower back, gluteus, and hamstrings


**All massage prices include mobile service within a 3 mile radius of Cambridge City Centre.