I am a certified massage therapist offering mobile massage services in Cambridge, UK.

I specialise in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and acupressure. My unique style combines elements from these different techniques to give you a personalised massage to meet your individual needs and preferences. My approach is aimed at promoting inner equilibrium – equilibrium of the body and mind – through the release of stress, muscle tension and the overload of your body. Massage therapy has many benefits that extend beyond the physical well-being, it also benefits mental well-being. Massage can help you feel more energised, calm and focused.

Benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Relieves muscle tension, tightness and pain
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps the body release toxins
  • Increases mobility, flexibility, and range of motion
  • Increases circulation
  • Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
  • Benefits immune system
  • Improves sleep
  • Helps you feel more energised
  • Improves overall bodily function and physical well-being
  • Reduces stress, increases sense of calmness and focus
  • Improves overall mental well-being


Swedish massage is a relaxing massage style that has many benefits including an enhanced feeling of well-being and increased balance in the overall flow of natural life energy through the body. It is also helpful in relieving muscle pain and tension.

Deep tissue massage applies a firmer pressure and specific techniques to reach into the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue. This method focuses on trigger points to release muscle tension and increase circulation in muscles, and is particularly useful in common problem areas such as back, neck, shoulders, hamstring and gluteus. This method of massage is good for relieving back pain, neck pain, and other muscle pain caused from tension or muscle knots. It is beneficial to people who spend a lot of time in the same position (such as computer work), or people do a lot of exercises, or anyone else with muscle tension (which is includes almost everyone.) It is also helpful in recovering from different types of injuries and for increasing mobility.

Equilibrium therapy is my unique style of massage to help you reach your inner equilibrium – equilibrium of the body and mind. I offer massage for relaxation, stress release, relief of muscle pain and tension, and all the other benefits listed above to help you achieve greater overall physical and mental well-being.

I will bring my massage table to you! I come by bike, and can serve anywhere within a few miles from Central Cambridge.

Please contact me for more information either by clicking here or by visiting us on Facebook.